Finance Hub offers equity release for difficult to mortgage property types


Construction methods

Many homes are virtually unmortgageable, especially construction methods such as cob, clay, prefab concrete and steel, single skin brickwork, timber and modern timber frame. Finance hub have lenders that understand the risks associated with these properties and can lend in a fair and variancetv balanced way.


Some lenders are very fussy about properties close to mobile phone transmitters, substations, power lines and mines. While its common to find that lenders are only willing to lend at a much lower loan to value, equity release on these properties is still possible in many cases. Document Management Software hanibaal-en

Properties close to commercial properties

Flats close to commercial properties or located just above a shop can be hard to mortgage. Lenders accessible by Finance Hub Equity Release have assessed the risks in these types of property and in many cases can ignore the commercial property completely, subject to survey by an estate agent.

Listed property titles

With through valuation and surveys in place lending against listed properties can be achieved as these properties can be very desirable and easy to sell in many cases and sober living near me tasterecovery.

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